Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whose footsteps do we want to follow?

Everyone has an opinion about birth control. I never try to push my opinion on others, and I don't even like talking about the issue to my own midwives. I recognize that demographics lean toward certain stereotypical viewpoints, and I just don't feel like dealing with the judgement from any side of the argument. What my husband and I choose to do in that arena has worked well for us, and we have no conviction from God to change it ( quite the contrary).
 that said, one of the arguments i have heard and agreed with has centered around Japan. Regardless of how we feel about the "right" to "control" our own fertility, we cannot ignore the population trend of Japan. While the masses fret about overpopulation, Japan has shown us what can happen when the ability and desire to limit population growth meets an equal ability to preserve life. the circle of life is interrupted. Old life passes, new life is born....but not so in Japan, where to suit their lifestyles, they have decided to play God. That only works out okay for so long.
 This writer acknowledges that what happens first in Japan tends to follow suit across the rest of the world. Yet, he sees less of a problem than the rest of us do...or should.
While I still have no intention of pushing my personal "birth control" views onto anyone else, I do think that it is time that the left  ( pro-"choice") stop trying to use the overpopulation argument against those of us that choose to have children. Do we really want to follow in Japan's footsteps ?

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