Saturday, March 17, 2012


This author uses the same reasoning Mr. SoulFull and I have used in the past for pulling our support from many candidates,political and otherwise.
This presidential race has been a hard one, already, and the GOP doesn't even have an official candidate yet. We've been debating and debating, and it has been easier to say who we CANNOT vote for, than whom we can. That said, we have leaned closer and closer to Ron Paul, despite some of his followers and some of his seemingly strange positions. More or less ( despite changing parties), he seems the most trustworthy, to us. I have found less duplicity between his positions and his lifestyle ( his actions, where his money goes to, etc.) than we have found with others.
Anyway we look at it, it is tricky, but as this writer points out, as with so many, many things supporters of a candidate, an ideal, or a faith, need to be mindful of how their behavior reflects upon the thing for which they want to gain support. More people leave the Christian faith because of the behavior for Christians, for example, than because of the behavior of non-believers.

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