Monday, March 5, 2012

A downward spiral

See what happens when we, as a society, say that it is ever okay to destroy an unborn child?

Couple sues over missed Down Syndrome diagnosis

Once upon a time, before prenatal testing, parents accepted that this was their lot (not that there were always happy outcomes for these families), but now that we have given them the option to detect, and subsequently murder, children if they are thought to be "defective"....they believe they have the RIGHT to do so. These parents feel that they were robbed of the opportunity to murder their now 4 year old daughter, so they are suing the hospital for $7 million dollars. If we don't change the attitudes on abortion in this country ( more important than the legislation), then this slippery slope will only take us further down the hole of inhumanity.

To those that think that Down syndrome is incompatible with life, quality of life, or the "perfect family", here are a couple of  links to check out:

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