Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NST update and Intuition

So The Wee Captain Seahorse passed his/her NST with no issues today, but to confirm my ever deepening trust in my own instincts, the midwives, doctors, et al. seem to be just as stumped by whatever is going on with my kidneys as I am.
 The obvious answer was a UTI, alas....still no bacteria...but lots and lots of Red Blood cells, if you know what I mean. Interestingly though, I am having less pain ( none really) compared to a month or even a week ago....so the next most obvious answer, kidney stones, seems like a no go too.
And to think.....they have told me that this pain was 1st just back pain and then just lots of pressure because this is my fourth baby.....
We shall see I suppose, but whatever it is,with the very good diet I have been taking in lately, I feel quite well;)

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