Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Further down the rabbit hole...

This story is exactly what I was talking about last week. Now, part of me wonders if it is just a Jonathan Swift-esque satire. Is there someone trying to make a statement by hyperbolic means?
 However, the point remains the same.If we never considered it acceptable to kill a child, we could never make a suggestion like this, serious or satirical. Most of the Pro-"choice" movement would be just as horrified by this suggestion as anyone could be, but they fail to see the slippery slope of their reasoning that brings us closer and closer to calling something like this acceptable. The saddest part to me is that they have already made up their minds, and no amount of argument- passionate, logical, religious, or secular- will be able to change their minds once they have decided. That is why I am so,so much more concerned with the attitudes that have lead to legalized abortion than the actual legislation that makes it legal. If the attitudes changed, it wouldn't matter if it was legal or not...people wouldn't do it if they were as horrified by it as they should be. The moment we categorize the value of human life, we start down the slick path to absolute inhumanity.

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