Monday, March 26, 2012

The Mind of Pregnancy

 In addition to forgetting basic where I put the peanut butter, which child I am talking to, and my own birthday, pregnancy brain is about to consume this blog.I am more or less in baby on the brain mode. I m consumed by preparing, myself, my family,and my house, for the shake-up that a newborn will bring- for the first weeks? first months? Only time will tell. I have a feeling we have gotten off quite easily in the past, so far as toddlers adjusting to newborns goes. Something about BumbleTot tells me we might be in for something new this time around, but my toddlers have surprised me in the past, and this little kid loves to help. It's just the challenge...the challenge is that BumbleTot likes to help so much, every single second of the day, that one must be clear-headed and focused enough to keep her completely involved in helping....lest she help you into insanity.

    " I wash the dishes" might quickly become "I flood the kitchen floor"; should Mama turn her head for a second to focus on the school-aged kids.

     " I vacuum the floor" might (has) become "I suck up a bunch of random stuff"; if Mama gets distracted with her own chores....

With pregnancy on the brain, my ability to be distracted ( we're focusing on ability here, versus disability...) is at it's peak; which means that BumbleTot's ability to make a colossal mess is also at it's peak.
 I can see it now......" I feed the baby" becomes the story of how my fourth baby had his/her first box of Oreo's at 4 weeks old :D

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