Friday, March 23, 2012

Counting down to Captain Seahorse

No gestational diabetes ! Praise God ! This was my concern, especially with baby feeling and measuring so big, but my blood sugar was good- maybe a little high for me, but not bad.
 My yarn came in yesterday for my knitting project, and I am just so excited to spend some time making something special, filled with love, for this little soul. Generally, I use chunkier yarns, because they knit up fast- instant gratification knitting, if you will. But I had decided that instead of attempting to make up a bunch of little things, I would make up one something, very special. The kind of thing that could be passed on as an heirloom.
 I am going to do an "Elf" hat from a pattern I have had for years, as a set with this pattern. Such a darling vintage pattern, and I think it is brilliant for a baby that will start crawling, on hardwood floors, come this winter. I found a sweet, gray merino superwash in fingering weight. This is a new deal for me, since as I mentioned, I like to knit in chunky weights. I feel like a giant handling a tea set, with those itty bitty needles. I am excited though.
  I have so many house and gardening projects that I want to get done before the dear Captain arrives, but when I realize that there is only 40 or so days, until the point that the other Little SoulFulls made their debuts. I am so grateful, so excited.

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