Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update on the Captain

Monday, we went to the pediatricians office.The Mister met us there.

See, despite the fact that they told us that his nerve injury wouldn't cause pain....we could tell that it was.The family that came to visit could see it too. I felt like I couldn't even dress him..or burp him...without hurting him.

Not a nice feeling.

Of course, when we got to the doctor, he didn't act nearly as bothered by it as we could tell that he was while we were at home.However,they did agree to an x-ray,because of a slight bump at the elbow: though they prefaced it by saying that we were all probably feeling that because we expected to,knowing about the brachial plexus injury on that side of his body.

So we did the x-rays and waited for a call.
Which finally came around 5pm.

Mama and Daddy aren't crazy?!?!?
The little fellow has a break just above the elbow joint.
The pediatrician who called was extremely apologetic,and very careful with her wording when she explained how and when this break could have occurred.

I am grateful, because I realize that when we put the break into context, it's quite certain that the nerve injury is less severe than it has appeared. It also explains why the poor fellow has been such a fussy baby. I was so nervous, that first day, when he cried, almost inconsolably, his first day.

I was asking God to help me be patient, and faithful that he would have a reason to give me such a fusser this fourth time around...when I have finally started homeschooling full-time and feel barely able to keep all of the balls in the air as it is.

Poor baby. He wasn't fussy- he was hurt.
and when I had asked that....they dismissed me.

It makes me so sad that we didn't have our homebirth

That he wasn't born in a place where everyone loves him and treasures him.

and loves the Lord.

But I am reminding myself that God took us there. He made the path clear- especially when the midwife never answered the phone ( or even returned the message).

I just need to be patient.

To be faithful that there is some reason for this to have happened-some reason that outpaces in beauty the hurt my baby had to endure.

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