Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farm life interrupting

pause this story ( yes, there is still more), to bring a sad, sad update from the MicroFarm.

This morning, a neighbors dastardly dachshund burrowed beneath a fence, in glacier soil, through stone fortifications devised by the Mister....and created an absolute massacre.

Of the 23 SoulFull hens...there are 4 left.

That little dog worked fast.

The sad part is, we only clipped their wings so that they wouldn't inadvertently end up over that fence where he and his cohorts could get them; it happened to one of our dear Barred Rocks after that family first moved here.

Thanks to the ordeal with Miss Fi, the Mister is not particularly fond of dogs to say the least. It took all of his considerable self-control not to exercise his "right to farm" rights on that little dog.

The Boy is rather upset. He was chief overseer of the chickens, as well as chief "petter". He is the reason our hens act more like cats*. Everyday, we could watch him tend the chores and stoop to hold and stroke this hen or that. He witnessed his Dad's restraint. A good lesson out of this if nothing else I suppose; it illustrated self-control as a fruit of the Spirit very well.

So rest in peace dears. We will miss your antics and your eggs :(

* Before the tragedy, I was going to share an anecdote from yesterday. One which involved The Boy getting too friendly with a hen laying on a nest of chicks...and a well-aimed peck to the kisser. It has just been reported, much to his dismay, that the "mean little black chicken" is still alive and pecking. Good news though, it means her little ones are too.

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