Monday, May 14, 2012

...And the Winner is......

Comment # 52, Charlene H. ,
Mother's Day 2012:Goofy faces...Mama,The Wee Captain, The Mister, The Boy,
Miss Fi,
and BumbleTot

who said,"We started because we wanted to save money, but there are so many other reasons why we cloth. Its eco-friendly, cute, and easier than disposables."

Charlene, you sound a lot like me, though I can't always say that I think it is totally easier... :D  it just depends on which stage we are in and what we are up to, I suppose .... thinking about a long trip we are preparing to make.....

                            where I am planning to try out my new Flip covers with some disposable inserts.....

Once I see how it goes, we might just have to try out a review and giveaway... one of the most fun parts of cloth diapering The Captain is that I feel more adventurous with cloth diapering...having fun trying out new styles.

Charlene, I will be contacting you about which diaper you would prefer....
                                                               and thank you everyone for joining the SoulFulls on this fun Mother's Day giveaway !!!


  1. Hi Heather! Thank you for the self-sponsored giveaway. I still can't believe that I won a diaper! I've never used an all in one before, but I love the Flip diapering system. Now that you mention travelling while cloth diapering, I might have to take back that last part of my comment. On our last family vacation, we were hand washing them and hanging them all over our hotel room to dry! But, on a day to day basis, the part that I find easier is not having to go out and buy them regularly and then lug huge boxes of diapers home. Anyways, congrats on your new baby and thanks again! I can't wait!

    -Charlene H.

  2. Charlene, my post partum goal for tomorrow is to take all of the little on a walk down to the post office and get your package mailed :D Celebrating my due date with some good old physical activity :D
    I agree...I love not having the realization that the diapers are gone and a store run must be made ( not to say that I haven't ever realized that I need to do an ER wash load....)
    So glad you enjoyed the giveaway! Many blessings !

  3. Wow! Way to go mama! It took me a while after having my son to be up and walking, but hopefully the next one will be easier.

    Based on the date of your last post, I'm guessing that the diaper will be arriving any day now. I'll let you know when it gets here so that you know we received it okay. We liked the stripes one because it reminded us of Joseph and his coat of many colors. :)

    Thanks again!

    -Charlene H.

  4. Hi Heather! I just wanted to let you know that we got our itti bitti diaper and it is even more adorable in person! It is our first AIO and I can't wait to try it out. Thank you so much!

    -Charlene H.