Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New life

It's all around. Life feels especially precious when you are surrounded by those just starting it.

Praise God- in the days since the Dachshund massacre, almost all of our hens have returned. It turns out,they took to the woods,and where we could initially find only 4 hens altogether ( out of 23), all but 5 have returned.
This little sweet pea ( along with a couple of other,totally different looking chicks) is staked out underneath one of the Amercaunas we raised from chickhood. I am glad she survived the Dachshund apocalypse.

These are the first chicks hatched by our own hens....still into a long lists of hoped for firsts, after more than two years here at the MicroFarm. Our new life, niched out among the military landscape.

Just like the rest of my life, I am learning that everything is a work in progress. Patience Mama, patience. It's not all going to be green beans and Boer goats overnight.

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