Saturday, May 19, 2012

To Trolls with Wooden Spoons

Dear Ladies,
 I am really sorry if what I said came off as my own attack on you.
 All I knew was that I had never even heard of your board, but when I tried to find out, I found things like this, this and this.

I had no idea what was said about me,and I said so. I could only address what I could see.

What bothered me most is just the idea. I really didn't expect anyone to take notice of anything I said- after all I didn't have a UC...didn't write about circumcision, child discipline, etc. I know each of those things is like a can of worms, but my non-UC didn't strike me as something anyone, save a couple of other military wives, would pay any attention to. I feel excruciatingly protective of my family right now, having wanted to keep them away from the hospital, then seeing all of those concerns realized..... and clearly a little bit post-partum hormonal.

If the whole purpose of TWWS is actually to provide support, without the drama that can happen in other forums, I am thrilled.

It seems like that is the case and that instead of insults being the purpose, they have been the accidental attention-grabber.

For the most part, everyone who has responded or contacted me to set me straight on this has been very kind about it. Thank you.

I love the idea of women supporting one another, free of this nonsensical "mommy wars" business.

I want people to be able to get and share information in order to make the best parenting decisions for their families.

I want people to be able to get support for their situations when they can't get it from real-life friends, or whether it seems like anything that deserves support to other people or not.

It sounds like you all want the same thing, and in all honesty, you are victims ( for lack of a better word, I apologize) as much as anyone.

You wanted a place to vent about other boards, and just like some may have taken posts from other places, other people leaked about things that were said on your board.

I apologize for that.

Blessings to all of you.

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  1. Don't ever apologize for saying anything about them that could be construed as negative. 90% of them are women who don't have anything better to do than snark and harass other people. The other 10% are honestly decent and are there for the right reasons.