Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of those days....that turns out to be perfectly lovely.

Yesterday was Mr. SoulFull's bonus day off for the holiday. We used it to tackle some more of the Spring chores list, but after my one chore for the day, I was spent. I cleaned out the car. That's it. I am not sure if that is more of a statement about my lack of endurance or the filth of the car...but I am pretty sure it is the latter. I pulled so much trash out of there, it was....just gross. I'll leave it at that. Anyhow, now it is spic and span----ready to go another several months before I get around to it again ( the sad truth)...but at least I won't feel like I am strapping my newborn into a rolling bio hazard.

Maybe it was because of my hard work yesterday, but today has been slow going. We welcomed our new fowl to the farm yesterday, and it has already proven to be quite entertaining. The Boy is certain that the guinea fowl are actually some kind of prehistoric creature, with the horns on their heads and all. they are lavender, and if it weren't for their horrid heads, they would be so beautiful. But The Boy is right, they look either ancient or alien, and I can't decide which. Either way. they are much quieter than I am accustom to ( recalling my little girlhood in the deep South), but that could just be our honeymoon period.

The ducks are charming. I was watching them and thinking "now I see Miss Potter!" Pit pat paddle pat, pit pat waddle pat. It's so true.

The children are charmed by the turkeys, and we have already received one, big, fascinating egg from them.
The new chickens are all of the same kinds of breeds we already had; Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Ameracaunas. So they are fitting in nicely, and one Red has particularly taken to The Boy- coming up to him to be picked up and stroked like a cat.

But in discovering that, we also discovered escaped goats...and my, how that takes away from getting any schoolwork done.

* I wrapped up this post for the day, with intentions of finishing it up about how some days, nothing gets done. My floors were dirty laundry piling up, ad schoolwork behind.

I'm glad I stopped writing. Maybe I would have doomed the day,with my attitude or self-fulfilling prophecy.
Just after this, we managed to get the goats, at the least, out of trouble for the time being, and since The Boy had finished his school work, he went out to adventure while I tried to finish up with the girls and get lunch going.
He came back in to show me not only the duck eggs our new little friends had gifted us with, but also a small bunch of wildflowers, just for Mama.  Plant identification is not my strong suit (understatement...remind me to tell you about the beautiful plant that I just loved that had been cultivated in all of our flower beds when we bought the house.....).
So I thought we could salvage some school time before I headed off to my appointment; we got online and attempted to identify one of the very charming flowers he had discovered.

It turns out it is one of these, and apparently they are rare in our state. In fact...they aren't supposed to be picked. Turns out, we are blessed to have a whole patch of them, growing out of sight in a wooded spot. I told The Boy not to worry, none of us knew,but now we wouldn't pick them. What a sweet little blessing- to find such a precious little discovery !

Mr. SoulFull came home to stay with the children, as opposed to our usual set-up, where I drop them off at the military compound with him and pick them back up before heading home. The NST appointments are thankfully short, and so he is able to take a short break to visit with them...they look forward to hanging out with Daddy at the hanger. Yesterday sounded even more wonderful. As soon as I left, Mr. SoulFull says he thought to himself I could get yard work done, or take them for a walk. He went for the walk, which is no small feat with our Miss Fi...little Miss tiptoe through the Tulips. He even let her take her bike. I made her day ( though she is back to running a fever....). What should be a 20 minute walk took an hour, but Mr. SoulFull did it. They went into our little town, making a stop with one of our favorite, God-loving shop owners...and then a special trip to the town Cookie Company. What a special day with their daddy.

How could a day like that be a bust?

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