Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birthday girls

I had sisters. I always imagined having little girls....down to the finest details of how they would have coordinating quilts in their shared bedroom. I imagined their names.

Of course, by the time I did have daughters (plural), my tastes had changed...not so much Country chic and Top of the Pops....but Miss Fi does love to hear about how they ( she and the BumbleTot) were my dreams come when I was a little girl, their names were Zoe and McKenzie.

They really are my dreams come true. All four of them, not just the sisters SoulFull. Each one. Someone I always wanted, always tried to imagine, and at some point thought I might never meet.

Miss Fi's accident happened when I was 10 weeks pregnant with the BumbleTot. No one knew yet, save The Mister and me.

But once everyone did, some were very vocal about how they hoped this new baby, The Dragon Baby, would be a boy....they were afraid that having a sister, a sister that didn't have a disfigurement, would make things even harder for Miss Fi.

Their being scared, made me scared.

And suddenly, though I had always imagined raising sisters....I was hoping that the Dragon Baby would be a boy too.

She wasn't. obviously.
and Praise God.

Goes to show what we people think we know.

My daughter needed a sister.
Having a sister, becoming a has brought out so much in her. She has become kind and outgoing, in ways that the Pre-BumbleTot Miss Fi could never have been mistaken to be.

Their birthdays fall only 5 weeks apart, just days before my own. What a special thing to share
 with my two little ladies.

They look so much like sisters, and they act so much like sisters. It doesn't mean that they aren't also different as night and day. By God's grace, Miss Fi has not had to deal with the level of health issues or disfigurement that we were made to expect, those three years ago.

and I am so glad they have each other.
so glad they are both here, part of our family.

 Happy Birthdays, Darlings.

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