Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Critter Catcher

Now that he is no longer the Sole boy in the family, it might be time to change The Boy's online persona. Afterall, the title Big Boy just really doesn't say much about him...in fact, for my barrel chested recipient of every Irish gene in the family, it might be down right inaccurate....Miss Fi is well on her way to catching up to her 3 years older brother in the height department....

Did I share about the mouse incident? the week or so before the Captain arrived?

Suffice it to say, Mama was up on the furniture pleading for help, and The Boy had a bedroom full of hand caught snakes ...the original plan was to catch the mouse to feed the snakes ( is it just me...or do you have the tune of the Old Lady who swallowd a fly stuck in your head now..?)....but in the end, the cutenes and compassion won out, and the boy was pleading for the pests life when I was pleading with the cat to "sic hi, sic him boy"

Then the day the Little Captain arrived....the boy caught a mole. And it wasn't "with my bare hands Mom??!" It as with gloves on.....


This morning he finished up his chores by helping another chick to hatch. He's lucky he didn't get another peck to the kisser *

I think he is really trying very hard to get someone to imprint on him...so he could talk me into letting a chicken sleep in the house.

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