Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Oh what wonderful things have been happening; calm, quiet, seemingly mundane things !
 The little ones did indeed accept Christ, and I am so incredibly thankful. I pray that they will have a close relationship with him and constantly be striving for even more closeness with him.
 My Honey also came home. It has been less than a wekk, and of course he is already back to work, but we were thankful for a few days with him at home. He brought all sorts of wonderful gifts back from Korea, including a lovely dinner tea set, which we have been using with supper every night. It came with 5 cups; how perfect !
 He has stepped up as the spiritual head in the family in a way for which I am so grateful. It was something I have always prayed for, tried not to nag about, and had really given to God. Please, do not misunderstand; he has always been a wonderful father, husband, and believer....this is just such a wonderful blessing to see him coming into this on his own. The worldliness of some of teh churches he attended as a child had hardened his heart against the church ( not God) in so many ways, and he has finally healed from those things. Praise God ! I am more grateful than ever to have a man like him to be my husband :)
 Farm-wise, we have bunnies coming out of our ears and the chicks have finally moved to the large coop. It even looks like I may have talked Mr. SoulFull into a couple of turkeys :)

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