Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Today at church, the little ones were really paying attention when Pastor Layson explained communion. The girlie had expressed a desire to ask Jesus to be her personal Lord and savior once before, but then she became quickly distracted, and I took that to mean that she really wasn't understanding the gravity of the decision. So today, after church, we "walked" the Romans road while their baby sister slept. I read the prayer of salvation to them, and I asked them to think about it during their rest time. If they decide that it is something they want to say for themselves, i told them that Daddy will help lead them in the prayer---but he will not say it for them, they have to want to say it for themselves.
 For everything that the modern world has robbed us of in raising our families (in my opinion), I am so thankful for something like Skype. It means that today, though my husband is 17 hours ahead of us, he may very well be able to lead his older children through the prayer of salvation, and watch their little faces when they truly accept Jesus Christ as their own Lord and savior; no longer just riding along on Mama and Daddy's beliefs.
 I am grateful that God has been using the things in my life to help me to truly understand salvation. I have realized that though I completely believed in him, and my church taught the correct message, many things in my life lead me to believe that in all honesty, my salvation was still dependant on myself; my own goodness and trying to steer clear from evil. Until recently, I think I still believed that, but I was also mature enough to struggle with it. I am realizing though, that God may have allowed that untruth to linger to protect me when I didn't have parents to guide me; it kept me on a good path ( or a much better path, at least) when there was no parental guidance there. Lately, it has been like an epiphany though- the difference between salvation, and goodness for the sake of pleasing God. They ARE NOT the same thing, and I am ever so grateful for that realization coming to my heart, instead of just my mind. God has used my husband, from the day I met him, to teach me this lesson, and I am sad that it took this long to sink in, but I am grateful nevertheless...the realization came at the perfect time, and I was able to outline how different the two things are for my own children.
Someday, I will have to write about exactly how it is that God used my Honey to teach bring me back to Him.

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