Friday, April 8, 2011

The Wisdom of Solomon

 I look at Facebook, and so many of the women that I know in real life, even the mature Christians, are in total panic. Our government has not yet officially shut-down, but already, we military families have access to our leave and earnings statements (LES), and they reflect the shutdown; paychecks that are 1/2 half of what we are accustomed to, accounting for being paid up until April 8th, but no more. We are blessed that we have been frugal enough to put some away, not much, but enough to cover our home and vehicles for a short time. Yet, I know so many families that don't even have that. While I do think that foolish spending has led them here to some extent ( people with lower pay grades than us buying brand new and extravagant homes and cars) they have also become foolish because the government has taught them too; don't worry, someone will support you. After all, those on unemployment will continue getting paid, just not the men required to report to JOBS which put their lives in danger.
 What really breaks my heart is that even the Christian women are in total panic. Thing about it is, what can we do anyhow? As I said, we have a little money put aside, enough that if this is all resolved quickly, we should have no issues (besides a depleted savings account). For anything beyond that, I am simply trusting God. Either it will get better, or it won't. I have faith in his plan. This should be an opportunity for faithful people to demonstrate their peace to unbelievers....but it is much easier to be faithful when things are going well, isn't it ?
 I just keep thinking of how often we have to defend our "intelligence" when we state that we believe in the bible, but look at the story of Solomon. Thousands of years ago, the bible shared a story that applies perfectly to this situation. When two women came before Solomon arguing over a baby, Solomon knew that the woman who truly loved the child, his true mother, would rather relinquish her rights to him than to see him harmed. While the Democrats and Republicans point fingers at who is responsible and who actually cares for this country, the "baby" is being cut in half. While they fight for their agendas, real families are going to struggle to feed their children. The bible doesn't seem so "stupid" anymore, does it fellows? How about we practice a little of that communism that you all believe in, and until you get this cleared up, why don't you all contribute some of your considerable savings to make up for the pay-gap of the less fortunate? No? I didn' think so....looks great on paper, not in practice, doesn't it boys?

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