Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our little Seahorse*: 27 weeks, 5 days
Oh goodness. I tend to think of myself as a rather humble person, which should have probably been my first clue that I actually have a long way to go. Right now, I am realizing that I was taking credit for things in my life that were not at all mine to be taking credit for. As I mentioned earlier, i am learning to be more compassionate for women who are uncomfortable during pregnancy. Now I am realizing that i had a significant amount of pride concerning my own healthy pregnancies and babies. In a world obsessed with pathology, I felt like I was surrounded by women with attention-seeking issues.
 It's my turn to realize that my own good health was not my own doing. No matter how healthy I eat, or how much I exercise, it is not my own doing.
 My ultrasound today revealed that my intuition was right. This baby is BIG. I know that ultrasounds are infamous for overestimating babies' sizes, but with all three of my children, they actually underestimated their sizes, grossly in Miss Fi's case. The day she was born, at 38 weeks even, we were told that she was a 33 weeker by her ultrasound....she was 1 ounce shy of 7 lbs just two hours later :D
 So I realize that the ultrasound is probably off in one direction or another, but I have never personally had an ultrasound read like this. Apparently, this baby is measuring about a month ahead. Regardless of birth control implications, that is a totally different issue to me, I am a big believer in fertility awareness. as a woman, I believe it is part of being a good steward of the body that God gave me, and it has had the added benefit of helping me to understand my pregnancies better. I *knew* the date I ovulated, regardless of my cycle, and when I had a cyst burst at  wks, the ultrasound confirmed what I already knew. So no, I couldn't be farther along in the pregnancy than I think.
 I am very out of my element. Apparently, on top of the kidney pain, I have been spilling protein in my urine, and it was the doctor today that caught it. At my last midwives appointment, my labs were deemed fine. I am guessing they weren't even really looked at since my blood pressure seemed better.
 They have scheduled twice a week bio physical profiles starting at the end of next month. I am not sure if it is an over reaction or a genuine precaution. I have always been so healthy, and credited it to my healthy lifestyle, that I feel so out of my element. I am faithful that baby is just fine, and that I am just fine, but as far as how to proceed with the medical community, I have no idea. I am just realizing that my good health, no matter how I took care of myself and my family, was always God's doing, and the protection he has placed over this baby throughout this pregnancy has been doing as well- I should have been giving him credit.
* Mr. SoulFull has ended up finding out the gender of every baby, mostly because he was often deployed during pregnancies and liked having something special to focus and pray on. As a way of keeping it a secret, he would give them funny nicknames, to avoid calling them he or she. He decided to keep up the tradition this time, though we are holding out on learning the gender. the kids and I saw a pot-bellied seahorse at the zoo a few weeks ago and so this nickname seems rather fitting considering baby's measurements :D We've had Wiggle, Spiderman, and Dragon baby in the past :D

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